Annette Diva Defined 24/7 Adjustable Shapewear Brief Review

Annette Adjustable Shapewear Review

The holidays are here and we all want to look our best.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have time to get to the gym before our family comes to town.  That’s where the beauty of Annette’s Diva 24/7 Brief comes in!  It helps you look your best without that quick stop to the sweat lodge!  It’s specialty?  Making you look slimmer and more toned in seconds with next to no effort on your part.

I was lucky enough to be able to test out Annette’s Diva 24/7 Brief for myself, and I must say I’m very impressed with the results of this tummy sucking underwear!  The underwear is surprisingly comfortable too.  It’s soft and silky, and the band doesn’t dig into you like other pairs of underwear that attempt to do the same thing.  In two words, this underwear is simply comfortable and effective!  Everyone is after different a look and has a different body type, and the people at Annette understand that.  With this in mind, they designed their underwear to be adjustable.  With three different band lengths, you can make your same undergarment go from a little suck, to a major one!  It all depends on you, your mood, your style and your outfit! How unique is that?  I personally found myself in awe over their ingenuity.  Annette certainly understands women!

Spanx vs Annette Shapewear

Spanx makes one of my favorite shapewear briefs, so I was particularly curious to see how Annette’s adjustable shapewear would stack up to my trusty Spanx.  I still love my Spanx, but they are much more of an “everyday” shapewear.  They give you a little shape and lift, which is essentially equivalent to the Annette shapewear on the “loosest” setting.  But what is fabulous about the Annette Diva Defined 25/7 Briefs is that you can tighten them up to give you more tummy tucking power for special occasions (or for that hot date you have after work!).

Annette Diva Defined Shapewear Put To The 24/7 Test!

As I wore the Annette underwear to work one day, I admit that I felt a bit skeptical about if the Diva Brief could maintain the great shape that it gave me when I first put it on.  After all, clothing tends to stretch as the day goes on.  You slip on your favorite pair of jeans in the morning, and by lunchtime they are stretched out in all the wrong places.  With this in mind, I was almost certain that the transformation of the Diva Brief would have me turning back into a giant pumpkin by the time the clock struck midnight, just like Cinderella’s carriage.  Boy was I ever pleasantly surprised!  I looked just as good by the end of the day as I did at the start.  And not only that, but when I went to a friend’s party that same day, everyone was complimenting me on the weight I had supposedly “lost”.  See for yourself in the before and after pictures taken below!

Annette Diva Defined 24/7 Adjustable Shapewear



Annette Adjustable Shapewear Review


It was enough to leave me glowing by the end of the night!  Holiday feasts?  Bring it on!  I’m ready for you with my new best friend: the Diva 24/7 Brief by Annette!

Where Can I Buy Annette Diva Defined 24/7 Adjustable Shapewear Briefs?

While I was lucky enough to receive a pair of Annette’s briefs for free so that I could do this review, you can buy your own pair of Annette Diva Defined 24/7 Adjustable Shapewear Briefs by visiting this link: Annette Online.  Plus, while you are there, checkout all of their other fabulous shapewear items.  I know what is going on my holiday wish list (the Diva All-The-Way Shaper Slip)!  They even have fabulous items in their Intimama line for women who are expecting, like their Post Pregnancy Shaper.