NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot Review

Do you have seasonal allergies? Year-round allergies? Sinus infections? Headache problems? Then, I am pleased to introduce you to the NeilMed NasaFlo Neti Pot.  Dr Oz has mentioned the benefits of using a Neti Pot in quite a few of his shows including this one on Sinus Infections and this one about Allergies & Neti Pots.  A Neti Pot is basically a device that helps you to clean out your sinuses and nasal passage by pouring water in through one nostril and letting it come out through the other nostril.  As the water comes out of your other nostril, so does the mucus, allergens and any debris stuck in your nose.  In addition, the nasal passage gets moisturized, which helps you to stay healthy.

NeilMed Neti Pot Review

My first Neti Pot was not the NeilMed NasaFlo, it was a very basic plastic Neti Pot that did not even have a lid on the top.  As a result, I often ended up with water all over my face rather than just in my nose.  So when my husband found the NeilMed NasaFlo, I was excited to try it out since the lid on the top would keep the water from bathing my face haha!

How To Use a Neti Pot:

Ok, so this part is crucial.  It took me quite a bit of time to play around with my Neti Pot until I mastered how to use it.  I highly recommend following these steps closely.

1.  Fill your NeilMed NasaFlo only half way with lukewarm water (you do not want the water too hot or too cold).

2.  Empty into the Neti Pot one NeilMed Sinus Rinse Packet.

3.  Fill the NeilMed NasaFlo the rest of the way (until the fill line) with more lukewarm water.  By filling the Neti Pot only half way before adding the sinus rinse packet, you will help distribute and dissolve the sinus rinse solution throughout the water in the Neti Pot.

4.  Standing over a sink, lean your head forward and tilt your head to the right.

5.  Place the Neti Pot’s spout into your left nostril and pour the water into the left nostril, while the water comes out the right nostril.  It is very important to breathe through your mouth during this time, otherwise the salty tasting water can go down your throat instead of out through the other nostril!

6.  I usually pour half of the solution in through my left nostril and then I tilt my head to the left and pour the rest of the solution in through my right nostril.

7.  When I have no more solution left in the Neti Pot, I push on one nostril with my finger and blow my nose hard to get out any loose debris / mucus and leftover salty water… and then I repeat this on my other nostril.

Stay tuned, because I just received 4 new styles of Neti Pots from WaterPik that I cannot wait to test out and review for you!


  1. Matthew Steuer says

    I had the general, plastic Neti Pot and still do. It seems not to work real well because I always seem to pour water all over my face as well. I have really bad sinuses, to the point where I can get a congested, sinus infection nose even when using the Neti Pot. Maybe I will try buying this one and see if it work a little better.

    • admin says

      Hi Matt! I’m so excited that you are joining our community 🙂 … I absolutely love this Neti Pot, but my sister does not care for it. WaterPik has a whole line of neti pot products, and I am going to be testing them out and reviewing them shortly. I especially am intrigued by this one: Waterpik Sinusense Water Pulsator. Another product I would love to try out is this one: SinuPulse Nasal Sinus Irrigation System, both of which seem like something my sister and husband could handle better than the traditional neti pot.

      • Matthew Steuer says

        I think I am slightly scared of anything that “shoots” water into the nose. However, that may help with the fact that I still get congested noses and sometimes the Neti Pot cannot break through. I am excited to join your community too. I love trying new products and new foods, so I think this site is the perfect thing!