Perfect Portions Digital Scale Review

Everyone who is health conscious or who has ever tried to lose weight knows the importance of reading the Nutrition Facts on the back of food products before buying them.  I am one of those ladies who will stand in the grocery store and compare the Nutrition Facts on 3 or 4 boxes of cereal before I decide which one to buy.  However, even with reading the ingredients and the Nutrition Facts, you can be tricked by the clever food manufacturers if you are not careful.  Have you ever noticed that for many foods, the servings size is ridiculously small?  Who can eat just 8 potato chips after opening a bag or 1 cookie when you have a delicious box full of cookies sitting in front of you?  So even if the food seems low in calories and fat, if you eat two or three times the serving size, it can add up really quickly.  What can be done though?  Well, how about a product that will create a Nutrition Facts label for the exact amount of food you are about to eat?  That is precisely what the Perfect Portions Scale does!  Dr Oz spoke about this scale on one of his segments (here is the recap: Dr Oz Perfect Portions Food Scale) and so when I was approached to do a Perfect Portions Review, I was beyond excited!  It was the first thing I told my husband when he came home, because he had been talking about how we should get a digital food scale for a while.

Perfect Portions Digital Scale Review

The Perfect Portions Scale comes in black, white, blue, red and silver – but you know how I like neutral colors that match everything, so I went with the black one.  The setup is easy – just remove the plastic strip from the battery compartment and start using it.  For breakfast, I had run out of my favorite cereal, so I decided to have some Rice Krispies, which were leftover from the Rice Krispies Treats that I made – definitely not diet food!  To use the scale, you first put your empty cereal bowl on the scale and then turn it on.  The scale automatically calculates the weight of the bowl and zeros it out so that it will only calculate the weight of the food that you pour into the bowl.  Next, I added the amount of Rice Krispies that I was planning to eat.

Perfect Portions Food Codes

The Perfect Portions Scale comes with a Food Code Book  that has a database of 1999 different foods.  So after adding the Rice Krispies to my bowl, I looked up the Perfect Portions Food Code for Rice Krispies and as you can see above it is 0434.  There are a TON of foods listed in the book, but on the off-chance that you cannot find the food you are eating or something extremely similar, you can also enter your own customizable food entries.

Perfect Portions Review

Voila!  The complete Nutrition Facts for the exact amount of Rice Krispies that I was about to eat.  What I love about this is that if I see that I am about to eat way too many calories or too much fat, I can cut back the portion until I get the exact amount I can afford to consume for the meal.  Sometimes I even found that I was eating fewer calories and fat than I thought, so I added some extra food to my plate.  The Perfect Portions Scale completely takes the guess-work out of what you are eating.  Plus, you can have the scale monitor your calories, sugar, carbs, sodium and cholesterol so that you can track how much of each you are eating daily and even weekly.

A few more things that I absolutely must rave about – the Perfect Portions Scale is a dream to clean because there are no cracks, grooves, nooks or crannies.  The entire scale is a flat piece of glass material with touchpad keys.  And if you are a baker (like me) then you know the importance of weighing ingredients like flour rather than measuring it with measuring cups which is extremely inaccurate.  This scale also handles basic weighing functions (perfect for bakers!) like any other digital scale.  I can’t imagine why anyone would ever buy a regular digital scale when you can get the Perfect Portions Scale which is the most multi-purpose digital food scale that I have ever seen.

For more information about the Perfect Portions Scale please visit the Perfect Portions Website.  And a giant thank you to Perfect Portions for sponsoring this product review!


  1. rose doty says

    Oh, my gosh what a fabulous invention. Is it affordable, I want one. You have made it so easy to know the healthy portionsizes, controling the portions, plus fat ingredients. It’s such a pain calculating every cal/fat/portion size. I hope i can afford this baby