Cutting Board Company Review: Plastic Color Coded Cutting Boards

One of the most used items in every kitchen is the cutting board.  After hearing about the health dangers of not replacing your cutting board regularly, I set out on a quest to find the best cutting boards for all of us.  On my search I came across The Cutting Board Company who make all sorts of custom cutting boards for professional chefs and professional kitchens, but they also cater to the home cook like you and me.  They were kind enough to send me several of their Plastic Cutting Boards to test and review.

Plastic Cutting Board Review

Before receiving the cutting boards, one of the first things that struck me about The Cutting Board Company was how their plastic products were listed by the NSF, USDA, FDA and the Canada Department of Agriculture.  In addition, these Plastic Cutting Boards are made in America, and with all of the scares about plastic products coming out of China, this certainly helps me to rest easier at night.

Plastic Cutting Board Review

The boards are made out of Super High Density Polyethylene Plastic, which did not mean much to me – until I received the Plastic Cutting Boards shown in the photo above.  You cannot tell from the picture, but these cutting boards are seriously heavy-duty and amazing quality (hence the word High Density!).  Each cutting board is 18″ x 24″ and they are a 1/2″ thick – making them the perfect balance between durability and weight.  Another added health benefit of The Cutting Board Company’s Color Coded Cutting Boards is that you eliminate the possibility of cross contamination.  The Red Cutting Board is only for use with beef, the White Cutting Board is for dairy, the Green Cutting Board is for fruits and veggies, the Blue Cutting Board is for already cooked foods, the Yellow Cutting Board is for poultry and the Tan Cutting Board is for seafood.  This means no more worrying that the salmonella from your chicken will get into the raw vegetables that you are dicing for your salad – and for anyone who has ever had food poisoning, you will greatly appreciate this!

Cutting Board Stand Review

Some of you might be thinking that six cutting boards are great in theory, but how can you store all of them?  The above product I did not get to test out, but I would absolutely love to get it in the future because it answers the big question of where to conveniently store your cutting boards.

The bottom line – if you are looking for high quality, warp resistant, stain resistant, hygienic, color coded cutting boards then look no further.  These are definitely on my Holiday Gift List for several members of my family!  You can purchase these Plastic Cutting Boards and Cutting Board Stands by clicking here or you can read more information about the professional grade cutting board company here: The Cutting Board Company.