Emile Henry Pizza Stone Review & Giveaway

I have always been a big fan of the company Emile Henry, because they make top quality clay cooking products imported directly from France!  So when they offered to send me an Emile Henry Pizza Stone to review (plus one to giveaway to a lucky reader), I was ecstatic!  Before the pizza stone even arrived, I was coming up with a million and one ways that I wanted to test it out…. from the obvious (pizza) to the less obvious (bread, phyllo appetizers, cookies, etc.).  I also began reading up about the company history of Emile Henry, which was founded in 1850 in a little town in Burgundy, France.  They are still run by the Henry family and use Burgundy clay in their kitchen products.  What makes Burgundy clay so special?  It is known for evenly cooking food, for having amazing heat retention, and for having outstanding thermal shock properties (which keeps the clay from cracking even if you have it in the freezer and move it directly into the oven).  The more I learned, the more excited I was for the pizza stone!

Emile Henry Pizza Stone

When my Emile Henry Pizza Stone arrived, I was immediately struck by the weight and obvious high quality.  You cannot tell from a photo, but this box is not a feather-weight.  The pizza stone comes in three gorgeous colors: Figue (an eggplant color), Olive and Black.  I received the black pizza stone, which is perfect for me because it is a neutral color that suits the rest of my kitchen cookware.

Emile Henry Pizza Stone

Knowing that I would not be able to wait to use my Emile Henry Pizza Stone once I got it, I had my kitchen already stocked with ingredients.  The first test would be a frozen pizza.  I know, I know… homemade pizza tastes much better, but it also takes more time, and I am not joking when I say that I could NOT wait to use it!  My family was previously not a frozen pizza family.  We prefer to have pizza delivered over frozen pizza.  Why?  Well, one big reason is that the crust just never tastes as good.  I like a slightly crunchy crust with a soft inside.  I am proud to say that we are frozen pizza fans now!  Wow, what a difference the Emile Henry Pizza Stone makes.  No more soggy crusts.  Our pizza was perfectly and evenly cooked, even without rotating the pizza once half way through the cooking process.  And I know this can only be credited to the pizza stone, because my oven is notorious for its uneven cooking abilities.

Emile Henry Pizza Stone Review

The next test for my Emile Henry Pizza Stone… bread!  Everyone in my family (and in my neighborhood for that matter) knows that I make amazing challah bread.  But like I mentioned before, my oven never cooks anything evenly, so I usually have to rotate my bread a little bit every 15-20 minutes or so.  This time, I baked my bread on the pizza stone and you can see that it browned evenly.  The same day I also baked cookies and chicken nuggets on the pizza stone, both of which came out crunchy and fabulous.  I try to not feed my family fried foods, but often times baked versions of fried foods just do not taste as good.  For example, when you bake chicken nuggets, they often come out soggy, especially if you do not flip each one over half way through.  But chicken nuggets cooked on this pizza stone come out crispy, do not need to be flipped, and are SUCH a healthy and delicious alternative to fried chicken nuggets.  I think my cookie sheet is going to be replaced with my new pizza stone, which seems to do everything that a cookie sheet does, but better!

Foccacia Bread on Pizza Stone

My final test was on my sister’s favorite recipe of Cheddar Onion Focaccia Bread, which I only made twice because each time the center of the bread came out soggy.  I had a feeling that the Focaccia Bread baked on a Emile Henry Pizza Stone would be a winner.  And sure enough, it came out exactly how I wanted it – with a light brown, crunchy crust.  My pizza stone has been so busy these days that as soon as the focaccia finished, I transferred it onto a cooling rack so that I could use the pizza stone again right away (hence why the photo above shows the focaccia on a cooling rack!).

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Congratulations to Jen V on winning this Giveaway!


  1. Crystal R says

    I love all of their bakeware! I left it all in seattle when I moved out east last year and need to start building my collection again!!!

  2. Rae says

    I Love the Emile Henry, Square Dish in Slate, It is so beautiful. I would love to have something so beautiful to take the attention off my terrible cooking ;(

  3. Laura S says

    “Flame top cheese fondue set”
    Pizza stone is great for making rolls and bisciuts in addition to shaped breads and pizza.

  4. Rachel R says

    My first choice would actually be the pizza stone… then, I would want a pie dish in the fig color.

  5. Catrina H says

    I know you are probably giving away the pizza stone in black but I love the figue color too 🙂

    It would certainly get a lot of use in our house.

  6. Andrea says

    I love this pizza stone! I’ve been meaning to make some of my own pizza dough, this would be a great excuse to try it out!

  7. Ashley Elaine says

    I love making homemade pizza and we currently don’t have a pizza stone that has handles so this would be great.

  8. Sherri Jones says

    Would like to try Whiskey-Scented Baked Stuffed Apples with an Orange and Almond Filling recipe, on the pizza stone.

  9. Sherri Jones says

    I Would like to try Whiskey-Scented Baked Stuffed Apples with an Orange and Almond Filling recipe, on the pizza stone. Sounds so good.

  10. Traci says

    My favorite item on their site is the pizza stone – mine broke a few yrs back, and I really miss it. Would love to win one!
    My favorite way to use a pizza stone is making a vegetarian pizza with feta! Yum!

  11. Kim L. says

    i have always wanted a Flame Round Dutch Oven / Stewpot!!! the color figue is lovely! xo

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  12. katie t says

    I used to have a Pampered Chef pizza stone and I loved it. I used it for everything! My favorite thing about it was not really having to clean it. It was fabulous! I like the dutch ovens on their website, too – I have been wanting one of those.

    frankandkatie at gmail dot com

  13. lisa says

    pizza stone in the best thing ever. i would go for the black one also.

    good giveaway, great hostess.

  14. holly says

    I would love the pizza stone for making braided breads. My oven is notoriously uneven, sggy bread bread….

  15. Nina says

    I love using a pizza stone for cookies. They are always better made on one.
    nina AT msoa DOT net

  16. Matthew Steuer says

    Of course subscribed to your emails and would love the pizza stone. Haven’t baked any pizza recently, but I think this would really help and getting me started again!

  17. Tina W says

    All their stuff is so gorgeous, but if I could only get one thing of theirs it would be the mortar & pestle in cerise. Lovely.

  18. says

    I know it doesn’t sound original, but I’ve wanted a pizza stone for a really long time and it’s nice that this one has handles. I don’t care much for the other two colors they offer, so I think the black is the best one. My twitter name is @pikko. 😀

  19. says

    it was interesting to learn that you can use the pizza stone on the stove top. It would be perfect for searing meats!

    another of their products that I liked are the Dutch ovens. I have been wanting a good one for a long time!

  20. ACMommy says

    I visited the site and really like the Crème Brûlée Dish in the Azur color! And I would enjoy winning this, since I love to bake and cook. 🙂

  21. Patricia says

    Would really like the pizza stone. Have wanted one for a long time. Want to try baking bread on one.

  22. LeAnn V says

    I love the new Citron color so the item I would like most is the mixing bowl set. lkvoyer at aol dot com

  23. Karen says

    I like the pizza stone. Ours broke, we replaced it and it stinks to holy hell. I also like the Tagine pots.

  24. Stacey K says

    There are so many choies but I think this would be mine – Flame Round Dutch Oven / Stewpot, Black