Rösle Collapsible Colander Review & Giveaway

After living in New York City for several years (where you are lucky if there is enough space to turn around in your kitchen!), I value kitchen real estate like some people value gold.  Every square inch of drawer and cabinet space is precious!  I could not find space for a colander in my NYC kitchen for the life of me.  So if I needed to drain a pot of pasta, I did the careful dance of balancing the lid at just the right angle so that the boiling water could be poured out but the pasta would stay in.  And if I failed (which I am embarrassed to admit happened a few times) I would lose the pasta or end up with a burn from the hot steam and water.  Oh how I wish I had known about the Rösle Collapsible Colander back then!

Rosle Colander Collapsed

I took the above photo with my thumb in it so that you can really get a feel for the scale of the Rösle Collapsible Colander when it is collapsed.  It is about as tall as the width of two of my thumbs, which can literally be squeezed into any little nook or cranny.  Another great thing about this colander is that it comes in so many fabulous colors.  I love the bright red because it is easy to find and very cheerful.  But it is also available in black, green, purple, orange and yellow.

Rosle Colander Expanded

Now for the real test, how easy is it to collapse and expand?  After all, what good is a collapsible colander if it is hard to use!  Well, Rosle knows what it is doing and that is why the Rösle Collapsible Colander was awarded KitchenInnovation of the Year 2009.  This colander is amazingly sturdy and well-built.  It pops in and out with ease, and when it is expanded it is sturdy enough to stay in that position until you collapse it again.

Another important feature to note is that the top, handles and bottom are made out of 18/10 stainless steel, while the red material is silicone.  There are little stainless steel “feet” on the bottom of the colander, which hold it up off of the counter when you put it down.  So after you rinse off your salad, and you put it on the counter, the water can actually continue draining out through the bottom… just make sure to put a towel underneath to catch it.

As if being high quality, a space saver, and the perfect tool for draining pasta and rinsing off fruits and vegetables was not enough… guess what else you can use the Rösle Collapsible Colander for?  A steamer!  That’s right, you just put some water into your favorite big pot,  place the strainer on top of the pot, place your vegetables (or whatever else you might want to steam) into the strainer and heat up the water.  So yes, the Rösle Collapsible Colander is truly a multi-tasking, space-saving, genius of an invention.  Rosle, you have done it again!

How to Enter the Rosle Collapsible Colander Giveaway:

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Congratulations to Debbie on winning this Giveaway!


  1. Andrea says

    Very cute! I use strainers a lot since make pasta alot… this may be small enough to even keep out on my counter

  2. Andrea says

    Are we supposed to mention we are an email subscriber again for each new blog post? wasnt sure 🙂

    • admin says

      Hi Andrea! Yes, please make sure that you leave a comment saying you are an e-mail subscriber for any and all giveaways 🙂 I wish you tons of luck!

  3. Matthew Steuer says

    I am subscribed to the email server. I would love a colander like this one in order to cook pasta and use the Trader Joe’s sauce on top….MMMMmmmmm! I love the idea of using it to rinse fruit. I should do that more often, since I eat a lot of fruit at one time. Also, great suggestion as a steamer. I truly love to cook and that is an amazing and healthy idea. You are too good!

  4. LDogg says

    Ohhh how much I want to win this because it will dramatically improve my ability to cook healthy meals. I checked out the Rosle website and think I am now in love with their fondue set!

  5. says

    Yea!! This is on my Christmas list! I would use it for pasta, rice, salad, etc. ALL THE TIME! The non-collapsible ones just take up too much space!
    I could also use more salad tongs… mine just broke!

  6. Debbie Bellows says

    they have a great selection of useful items on their website – i particularly like the Barbecue and Grilling Set

  7. Ally Wilton says

    I’ve always struggled to find a
    Great colander that can remain easily accessible. This looks amazing!!!

  8. manda v says

    My favorite use for a collander is making Home Made Mac n Cheese 🙂 My all time comfort food!

  9. Jen says

    Love the space saving feature & I checked out the website, the collander even comes in my favorite color (purple) 🙂

  10. Angela W says

    I would use the collapsible collander for rinsing my organic tomatoes from my garden. Thank you for the chance – Angela from addictedtofreebies at gmail dot com

  11. Angela W says

    Follow you as Freebie Alerts on twitter – thanks for the chance addictedtofreebies at gmail dot com

  12. Rebekah G says

    love the colander and the bright color choices! would love to replace the huge stainless steal one taking up valuable space in my tiny nyc kitchen.

  13. Phoenix says

    Very cool design. I’d definitely use this for pasta, & to wash vegetables for salad or stir-fry.

  14. Libby says

    Lately the favorite use for a colander seems to be as a bathtub toy. I’d love to pass along my colander to my son and keep this one just for ME!

  15. says

    My favorite items are the colorful collanders! I am allergic to gluten, and can’t stand any of the pasta substitutes, so whenever I use a collander to make noodles is an out of the ordinary teat for me 😛

  16. Tina W says

    Holy tomato – they have a left-handed swivel peeler! That is definately going in my honey’s Christmas stocking.

  17. says

    My husband has been bugging me to buy one of these! We eat a ton of pasta and that is my favorite use.

  18. says

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